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Le Mans

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Download the of Le Mans as PDF in scale 1:100 000 now.

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plan layers:
file formats:
  • Site plan layers in CAD plan + vector map
    Plan elements organized on different layers
  • CAD polygon map / Vector map
    Plans are scalable without loss in quality
  • Up to 4 different plan variations
  • Complete city area site plan
  • Unlimited access & Updates
    Get all future updates on the digital plans for free
  • Free use for commercial and private projects
    Thanks to the OpenStreetMap database (License)


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Layer Example for the Site Plan of Le Mans

Just test the different layer combinations of the example plan, to see how the Site Plan layers of Le Mans will look like.

Siteplan Layer - Buildings
Siteplan Layer - Water
Siteplan Layer - Parks & Green
Siteplan Layer - Streets
Siteplan Layer - Boundaries

Details on the Site Plan of Le Mans

You will get the of Le Mans as scalable drawing in different variations and file formats. The of Le Mans for download as PDF can be edited and resized without any loss of quality. Tools of choice are Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape or Corel Draw, but at least every software that can handle pdf files can be used to work with the of Le Mans.

CAD of Le Mans

The CAD map (dwg, dxf) of the Site Plan of Le Mans can be imported into CAD programs like AutoCAD, Rhinoceros 3D and ArchiCAD. The arrangement of the elements on different site plan layers makes it easy to hide or edit several elements. Site plan content such as buildings and streets are drawn as polygon areas, roads and borders as lines.

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